Previous Initiatives

School Gardens and Outdoor Initiatives

Youth gardens and outdoor classrooms combined several subjects. This initiative got children outside  take a new and highly effective approach to learning. This new way of learning incorporates several subjects and encourages hands-on involvement from children. Children are able to plant and grow different types of plants including fruits and vegetables. As the plants grow, children can observe the various changes that take place such as color and height or the growth rate of the plants. In the case of fruits and vegetables, children are more likely to eat what they grew so it is a very beneficial method to encourage learning about healthy eating.

Kidz Bite Back

Kidz Bite Back is a generation of youth are “biting back” against Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies. These KidZ lead a campaign to expose how Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies take advantage of youth by promoting over-consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks, as well as encouraging over-use of TV watch and video gaming. They are spreading the word to their peers, families, neighbors, and even elected officials! Click here to visit the Kidz Bite Back website to get involved.

Fed Up

In 2014, KEYS and the WV Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition (OCN) sponsored the Fed Up documentary screening at Marquee Theaters in South Charleston, WV.   The documentary followed children suffering from childhood obesity and showed daily obstacles that they face. Food policy and politics with a focus on the sugar industry were dramatically highlighted. In late 2015, Project Healthy Kids and KEYS 4 HealthyKids partnered to purchase a student version of the Fed Up documentary for every school in WV through a Fed Up Kickstarter campaign.  To date, 333 films with curriculum that meets WV Content Standards have been delivered to schools all over WV. The students reacted to the film with strong emotions ranging from sadness to anger. But there was no doubt that they were ready to take positive action and create healthier school environments.  Following, the WV FED UP movement began.

Clinical Initiatives